The answer to the question is what is the «triangle of death».

Acne on the face is the phenomenon far from the most pleasant, with which we come across almost every day. They are not welcome by youth, but they especially give a lot of inconveniences to the fairer sex, striving for external perfection at all costs. Girls are ready to give a lot of money for the miraculous cosmetic means, which promise to save from a terrible scourge in the form of numerous rashes on the forehead, nose and chin. However lotions and creams are not always effective from the very first days of use. And then the desperate ladies go the other way: they just squeeze out the hateful abscess, which appeared so inopportunely. Of course, all of us have repeatedly heard that you shouldn’t do this — if not from doctors, at least from mothers and grandmothers. Only they did not give reasonable explanations to this. Is that: «Disseminate the infection throughout the face, there will be new ones.» The truth is there, because every pimple is a hotbed of inflammation. But believe me, this is not the most dangerous outcome,  that we should be told about. Sometimes, getting rid of this kind of education, we directly risk our lives, even if we doesn’t suspect about it. To squeeze out the pimple and die? Yes, it’s more than real, no matter how amazing it sounded.


Nasolabial triangle (death triangle)

On the face there is a special zone called the nasolabial triangle (death triangle) — this is the area above the upper lip that reaches the root of the nose, and on the sides is limited by nasolabial folds. Historically, it has one more name — the «triangle of death». And all because it is an extremely dangerous place for squeezing out pimples. If a pimple is formed in this zone, then it can not be touched in any way, it is subject to inpatient treatment. The consequences of self-activity can be very diverse and fraught with complications from thrombosis to meningitis. And it can lead to death. How? It’s just an ordinary pimple! In fact, the answer is simple. It lies in the anatomical structure. In any inflamed area of ​​the skin, the vessels automatically expand — it is necessary that leukocytes, special blood cells, directed to the destruction of particles alien to the body, are operative to the «wound site». When we squeeze out the boil, we work on it mechanically — we squeeze it. And by doing so, we can damage the walls of adjacent vessels. After thay, we give green light to the penetration of the infection — in the absence of any obstacles it spreads very quickly, it goes straight to the venous sinuses (they are often called sinuses) and the cerebral membranes. As a result, the latter can become inflamed (long live meningitis), and thrombi often appear in the venous sinuses. This happens if the blood is curled around a particle from the inflammation focus, and the formation is greatly increased — to such a degree that it clogs the vessel. This is extremely dangerous, since venous sinuses provide blood supply to the brain. In the nasolabial triangle in general, a very dense blood supply, thereby achieving rapid healing of the soft tissues of the face; there are many arteries and veins, and the arteries have numerous anastomoses (joints between themselves), and the veins form two networks — the surface and the deep, which are also connected. One of the most important superficial veins, the facial vein, is connected to the so-called deep pterygoid venous plexus, and it flows into the inner vascular vein emerging from the cranial cavity and descending to the neck. Well, the fact that the last vein — one of the key in the whole body, I think, should not be mentioned, because it is a widely known fact. It is the facial vein most often involved in the inflammatory process with suppuration on the upper lip, the wings of the nose. In normal conditions, the outflow of venous blood goes from top to bottom, toward the hysterical vein. However, if the facial vein or its inflows are thrombosed, then there is a reverse flow of blood, retrograde. So there are inflammation of the sinuses, meningitis and other unpleasant things. They are not always easy to diagnose at once, and the more time passes, the less chance that a person will be able to save.

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носогубный тругольник, треугольник смерти
Source: HeadInsider

It should be noted that even great people died because of ignorance in this matter. There are many bright historical examples. One of them is Alexander Skryabin, a Russian composer, who died because of blood poisoning. It appeared as a complication after squeezing out a pimple. A similar death befell the granddaughter of Catherine II, Ekaterina Pavlovna, Queen of Württemberg. The regal person, without the knowledge of the court physicians, squeezed out a small pimple in the corner of her mouth before going to bed, taking care of her appearance, hoping to awake in the morning irresistible. The very next evening she complained of a small swelling in the area, and then she began to suffer pain. The temperature also rose. It did not help any healing remedy — the queen died very quickly, she couldn’t be saved.

Therefore, summing up, I want to say: it’s worth to be attentive to own health, to avoid the desire to get rid of all the rashes on the face mechanically. Is not it simpler, in the end, to normalize the diet to make acne less (everyone knows that we are what we eat)? Or to begin with to consult with the competent expert, to reveal the reason of their occurrence more precisely and to pick up an optimum method of treatment? However, these are all recommendations. If you prefer to fight with pimples squeezing, then at least remember the «triangle of death.» And if the boil in this area was still squeezed out through negligence or ignorance, then it is best time to go to the hospital.



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