Many years after the beginning of the existence of mankind, a great number of faiths and their divisions developed. There are people who believe in God or any other forces, but there are those who do not believe in anything. Let’s get acquainted and understand with such concepts as «theism», «deism», «pantheism» and «atheism».



This is one of the divisions of faith. Theism is a religious-philosophical worldview, affirming that all living things are created by God and he continues to participate in every way in the development of his creatures.


Also one of the divisions of faith. Deism is a religious-philosophical worldview that recognizes that God created all life, but denies the manifestation of any supernatural directions.


Pantheism is a religious-philosophical worldview, which claims that God does not exist as something tangible. There is only the universe that governs the world.


The rejection of any belief in God, the denial of the existence of supernatural and mystical phenomena.

Comparison of concepts

All these concepts are different. There are similarities between theism and deism, theism believes that God takes a direct part in the creation of mankind and the world as a whole, and deism claims that God exists, but takes no part in the development of his creations, that is, people. Somewhat similar to atheism and pantheism, for pantheism represents God not in the material plane, but rather a god here refers to the power or the universe. We can say that adherents of pantheism do not believe in God, but believe in its substitute. And adherents of atheism do not believe in anything and in every way deny the manifestation of any supernatural phenomena.

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Each direction, given in this article, was formed for centuries. It is really interesting that each person has a different worldview. And surely no one knows what happened before or after. This mystery is interesting, but at the same time frightening. What is hidden behind this uncertainty?



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