This story gives hope, it makes us believe in people and in a happy future.


Who is Michael Oher now? He is an American professional American football player who plays in the position of attacking tact for the NFL Carolina Panters club, before that at the same position in Baltimore Ravens.

Michael Oher was born in a troubled family in Memphis. His father died and mother was detained by the police for using drugs. The family had many children and each of them lacked parental attention.

For Michael it became the norm to change schools and foster families. He he did not stay long in one place.
The guy was very big and tall, for that he was nicknamed Big Mike, although he did not particularly like that nickname.
What changed Micheale’s life began when a friend of his father brought a guy to the school of Brykrest. Michael could hardly read and write, but sports skills in him were immediately detected.
The boy was hardly accepted to school, because he seemed practically unteachable.
The father’s family could no longer patronize the boy, so he was on the street. Completely alone. But one cold night everything changed.
The Tuohy family was returning home by car. The children recognized the Big Mike. The mother of the Tuohy family asked her husband to stop the car. She tried to find out where Michael was going. «To the gym,» he replied. But at this late time no training was planned. When Leigh Anne asked why he was going there, Big Mike said it was warm there. More words were not needed. Leigh realized that the boy did not have a home. She asked him to get into the car. Michael was given a bed, the family left an almost unfamiliar man at home.

Michael Oher and the Tuohy family

Leigh was concerned about the formation of the Big Mike, so a tutor was hired, who helped him with sports training. The new mother believed in the guy, she knew that he would succeed.
Everyone loved Michael. Miss Sue’s tutor was happy to deal with a guy who was trying to get new knowledge. Michael became very friendly with Shawn the younger. The whole family was open to communication with the guy, Big Mike himself was opening very a long time, at first he was embarrassed and shy.

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Who knows, if Michael had not become part of the Tuohy family then, would he have achieved what he has now? He was named the Striker of the Year of 2003 and was among the best players of the state among school teams. The guy had more than 20 invitations to various universities. But to get into them, he had to improve his academic performance. Michael Oher worked for several hours a day, spent a lot of time with the tutors. He really gave a lot to his goal. And not in vain. Michael finished school with good grades. And the guy chose the University of Mississippi. The National Athletic Association of Colleges conducted an investigation, it seemed to many that Michael’s choice was some kind of commercial activity of the Tuohy family, but Big Mike proved that it was only his choice.
In the first year of the performance for the university team, Michael Oher became Best Novice. His team climbed in the general rating from 91 to 29 places. And Michael graduated from the university with a degree in criminology.

The story is really incredible.

By the way, there is a film «The Blind Side» based on a story of Michael Oher. Director: John Lee Hancock.
The film conveyed everything that actually happened to Michael. You should definitely watch it.en



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